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East Falls Treetenders


A local organization of volunteers trained by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society whose mission is to restore East Falls’ urban forest and to generate environmental stewardship.


Friends of the Cynwyd Heritage Trail


Mission is to promote the construction, maintenance and use of the Cynwyd Heritage Trail and to undertake projects to enhance its recreational, natural and educational value through volunteer commitments of time, talents and fund raising and to provide for permanent amenities along the trail.


Friends of Inn Yard Park


Mission is to maintain Inn Yard Park for the community to enjoy and to strive to improve the park as part of long-term improvements of the general East Falls area.


Friends of Ivy Ridge Trail


Community trail project which will convert an out of service rail line into a trail running from the Ivy Ridge train station to the Manayunk Bridge, where it will cross and merge with the Cynwyd Trail in Lower Merion.


Friends of the Manayunk Canal


Dedicated to the protection, restoration and preservation of the natural and historical resources of Venice Island, the Manayunk Canal and Fairmount Park's Towpath in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. FMC’s goal is to promote and maintain our cultural resources through public education programs, community volunteerism and advocacy.


Friends of Pretzel Park


The Friends of Pretzel Park is the volunteer organization committed to maintaining and improving Pretzel Park & the Manayunk Dog Park.  They provide social and community service opportunities for visitors of the park that help to serve the needs of the Park and its users as well as the greater neighborhood of Manayunk.

friends of pretzel park


Ivy Ridge Green


Collective of volunteers working to green Roxborough and Manayunk through volunteer projects which include landscaping, tree-planting, cleaning and greening.



Manayunk Neighborhood Council


Non-profit civic association for residents of Manayunk and Roxborough.

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Residents of Shawmont Valley


Civic group centered around the Shawmont Valley and along the banks of the Schuylkill River in Upper Roxborough dedicated to preserving the fragile ecosystems and historic nature of the community.


Roxborough Tree Tenders


A local organization of volunteers trained by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society whose mission is to restore the tree canopy of Roxborough and Manayunk.


Umbria Street Neighbors


The Umbria Street Neighbor Association’s goal is for the Fountain Street Steps to be a beautiful open green space providing safe access to the Manayunk Canal and towpath.  This endeavor is achieved by holding two flea markets with proceeds going towards the project and with dedicated neighborhood volunteers doing two or three large clean-ups and planting sessions a year along with additional maintenance year round. With an emphasis on low maintenance, the group has recently planted natives plants in an effort to restore the ecology of the site and improve the look of the steps. The Philadelphia Water Department Office of Watersheds is also working with the group on some preliminary design concepts for the steps.

fountain street steps




If you are interested in volunteering, we’d like to hear from you.