Schuylkill River Trail Signage System

The Schuylkill River Trail spans five counties from Philadelphia to Schuylkill and provides a recreational and commuting trail for visitors and residents. Trailhead and trailblade signs can be found along the length of the trail, providing directional and informational postings including:

  • Location along the trail
  • Mileage to the next destinations along the trail
  • Local attractions and trail amenities such as restrooms and dining establishments
  • Help Locator number in the event of an emergency

Help Locator System

The help locator system is designed to provide trail users with reliable locating information in the event of an emergency. The help locator number relates to river mileage and is the number on an orange background on all signage. In the event of an emergency, trail users should call “911” and provide the help locator number.


Twin Bridges Parking Lot
Map it: N40°00.461” W075°11.524”

East Falls parking lot provides easy access to Midvale and Ridge Avenue business districts and Schuylkill River Trail along Kelly Drive.

Kelly Drive Parking Lot
Map it: N40°00.599”, W075°11.998”

East Falls parking lot convenient for recreational trail users.

Map it: N40°02.679’, W075°15.009

Parking lot at the end of the Manayunk Canal in the scenic Shawmont section of Philadelphia, useful for those continuing on Schuylkill Trail to Valley Forge or Philadelphia destinations.

Lock Street Lot
Map it: N40°01.388, W075°13.205

Located on Venice Island in Manayunk, this lot is convenient for getting on the Canal Towpath Trail and visiting the Main Street business district to dine or shop. Lot is nearby landing at Manayunk Brewery.

Carson Street Lot
Map it: N40°01.579’, W075°13.547’

Central parking lot for Main Street, Manayunk business district.

Green Lane Lot
Map it: N40°01.631’, W075°13.610’

Central parking lot for Main Street, Manayunk business district.

Levering Street Lot
Map it: N40°01.555’, W075°13.471’

Central parking lot for Main Street, Manayunk business district.


Falls Bridge
Map it: N40°00.548’, W075°11.828’

An East Falls landmark, the Falls Bridge was completed in 1895 to connect East Falls to West Fairmount Park.

Lock 68 and Sluice House
Map it: N40°02.291’, W075°14.657’

Now in ruins, the sluice house once housed the machinery that controlled water flow into the Canal, allowing the mills to operate. It’s hoped that someday the canal locks will be restored.

Locktender’s House
Map it: N40°02.249’, W075°14.581’

Captain Winfield Scott Guiles was the locktender at lock 68 for more than 60 years. The ruins of his house still remain along the path. His wife, a Lenni-Lenape Indian known as the “Manayunk Healer,” treated the people of Manayunk when they were ill with herbs, leaves and bark from local plants.

Locks 69 & 70
Map it: N40°01.388’, W075°13.205’

The historic Manayunk Canal was completed in 1818 to transport coal from Schuylkill County into Philadelphia. The locks allowed canal boats to travel the Canal by either raising or lowering the water level between each gate.

Food & Amenities

Midvale and Ridge Avenue Business District (East Falls)
Map it: N40°00.534’, W075°11.624’

Visit the shops and restaurants of East Falls located along Midvale and Ridge Avenues.

Main Street Business District (Manayunk)
Map it: N40°00.935’, W075°12.545’

Visit the shops and restaurants of Manayunk located along Main Street from Ridge Avenue to Green Lane.

Mile Marker 119
Map it: N40°01.440’, W075°11.543’

Manayunk 2.5, Shawmont 4.2, Valley Forge 16.3, Art Museum 3.7, Schuylkill Banks 4.7

Mile Marker 122 at Falls Bridge
Map it: N40°00.548’ W075°11.828’

Art Museum 3.9, Schuylkill Banks 4.9, Manayunk 2.3, Shawmont 4, Valley Forge 16

Corner at Ridge and Kelly Drive (turn)
Map it: N40°00.886, W075°12.408’

Transition to on-road portion of the Schuylkill River Trail from Kelly Drive starts on Towpath at Lock Street in Manayunk. Public transportation hub and gateway to Wissahickon trails are nearby.

Mile Marker 139 at Lock Street
Map it: N40°01.391’ W075°13.221’

Shawmont – 2 miles, Valley Forge 14.2, East Falls 2, Art Museum 5.9

Mile Marker 141 at Green Lane
Map it: N40°01.616’ W075°13.652’

Shawmont 1.7, Valley Forge 13.9, East Falls 2.3, Art Museum 6.2, Schuylkill Banks 7.1

Mile Marker 150
Map it: N40°02.061’ W075°14.215’

Manayunk .8, East Falls 3.1, Art Museum 7, Shawmont .9, Valley Forge 13.1

Mile Marker 162 at Shawmont
Map it: N40°02.868’ W075°14.244’

Manayunk – 2.1, East Falls 4.4, Valley Forge 11.9

Jumping off point for Montgomery County portion of Schuylkill River Trail located in Shawmont off of Nixon Street.

Natural Areas & Scenic Viewpoints

Inn Yard Park
Map it: N40°00.543’, W075°11.687’

Community Park located between Kelly Drive and Ridge Avenue, offering benches to sit and relax and basketball courts.

Flat Rock Dam
Map it: N40°02.401’, W075°14.740’

Originally built in 1818, the dam was destroyed by a flood in 1839 and rebuilt. Across the river, there is a fish ladder, which enables fish to get upstream to spawn. Up above the dam, the river widens and is open to motorized watercraft.

Deck at Manayunk Brewery
Map it: N40°01.347’, W075°13.155’

Diners and visitors will enjoy the view from the deck at the Manayunk Brewery at 4120 Main Street overlooking the Schuylkill River.

Canal View Park
Map it: N40°01.567’, W075°13.526’

A Small park nestled between the Canal Towpath and Main Street businesses at Carson Street, offering views of trail users and Main Street visitors.

Gateway to Wissahickon
Map it: N40°00.907’, W075°12.415’

Located where the Wissahickon Creek meets the Schuylkill River, this point offers beautiful views of both waterways, amidst bridges and waterfalls. Jumping off point for the Wissahickon Valley Park.

Points of Interest

Five Fishes
Map it: N40°00.438’, W075°11.552’

Interpretive display depicting 5 native species of fish found in the Schuylkill River at East Falls: a popular gathering place for fishermen.

Network Arts Mural at Canal View Park
Map it: N40°01.566’, W075°13.528’

Mosaic mural featuring tiles handmade by children showcasing native animals of Pennsylvania.

Industrial Heritage Mural on Canal
Map it: N40°01.566’, W075°13.528’

Mural commissioned by the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program depicting the industrial heritage of Manayunk surrounding the Canal.

River Access

Venice Island landing at Brewery
Map it: N40°01.347’, W075°13.155’

A floating dock located at the tip of Venice Island, allows boaters to land at Manayunk and access Main Street via the Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant.

Philadelphia Canoe Club
Map it: N40°00.894’, W075°12.431’

Established in 1905, the Philadelphia Canoe Club (PCC) is a dedicated group of canoeists and kayakers headquartered on the Schuylkill River. The PCC club house is located on the confluence of the Wissahickon Creek and Schuylkill River, within the Fairmount Park System. The Club offers a wide range of training courses and paddling trips to help you get out on the water, as well as a newsletter, monthly meetings and workdays that are open to the public.

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