Feasibility and Final Design Planning for the Manayunk Bridge and Ivy Ridge Trail

Manayunk Development Corporation is pleased to partner with a number of organizations and municipalities interested in the creation of a trail across the Manayunk Bridge and along the currently unused section of the Ivy Ridge rail line. The exciting news is that the City of Philadelphia has received a commitment of $1.3 million in capital funding from PADOT’s Pennsylvania Community Transportation Initiative (PCTI), with an 18 month period of time to design and advertise the Trail construction Contract for the Manayunk Bridge segment of the Trail. To accommodate the availability of these funds, a phased approach is being taken for the Feasibility Planning and the Final Design/working drawings. The City of Philadelphia will manage the construction phase of the project. You can find out more about the proposed project by reading the Manayunk Bridge Presentation and viewing updated renderings.


Planning for the Future

The communities surrounding the Schuylkill were formed because of the River. The metamorphosis of the River from a verdant natural resource to an industrial asset has now come full circle; advocates for our river communities are turning back to the River as an oasis for recreation and reflection.

Efforts to re-examine and better the Schuylkill River experience at East Falls and Manayunk and across the river in Lower Merion abound. From trails and connections to public facilities and sustainable environment efforts, people are realizing the river matters and making plans for its future. Partnerships are forming, volunteer groups are organizing and the river is being transformed!